Basically these works are not only being presented, but an attempt is to create a dialogue with the surroundings and the viewer.

For contributions to group exhibitions pictures are combined to create temporal themes. This theme is only valid for the current context, otherwise each picture stands for itself. For example in the annual presentation of the Gemeinschaft Luebecker Künstler (Society of Artists of Luebeck) in 2011, three pictures from different series were combined to form a topic with connecting titles.

Titel: ...and birds fly, ...and people die, ..and trees grow

Titel: …and birds fly, …and people die, ..and trees grow


In the annual presentation of 2015 the combined pictures had a main title in addition to the temporary connecting titles. Thus a reference to a particular historical situation was installed. In this case the titles were also included in the presentation.

Gemeinschaft Lübecker Künstler, Jahresausstellung 2015

Gemeinschaft Lübecker Künstler, Jahresausstellung 2015


Through playing with the space and the hanging sometimes a special atmosphere may emerge.

Die Melodie macht die Musik... und der Zu-fall spielt auch mit

Die Melodie macht die Musik… und der Zu-fall spielt auch mit


Dialogue with the recipent is important. Their interpretation or association can become a part of the presentation, therefore comments via the typewriter are encouraged.

Ausstellungsgemeinschaft AUGE, Jahresausstellung 2014

Ausstellungsgemeinschaft AUGE, Jahresausstellung 2014


For the same reason as above it is possible to leave a comment on this  website*. It should refer to the pictures and their content. Other comments are welcome via email.

*   Comments will be selected by the administrator and have to be permitted before they are viewable on the site. They become part of the work and might be presented or published in a forthcoming activity.



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